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How It works

HandsOfCrowd Helping Community - is a group of ordinary and real people helping each other.
100% in 5 Days

Provide Help (PH)

To Provide Help, select "Provide Help" on Dashboard and choose the Plan- Bitcoins. HandsOfCrowd uses the automated allocation system so our members instantly get the orders to make payment.

Re-Commitment (Re-PH)

To keep the system running for long, we require that our members do  Recommitment before Get Help, therefore members will make a second donation to unlock the profits of the Fist Provide Help.

Get Help (GH)

Get Help can be done immediately after re-commitment is confirmed, please confirm payment immediately after receipt of funds, you may not wait for proof of payment to be attached.

Become a Member of HandsOfCrowd

HandsOfCrowd is a group of people hoping and believing for the better life and better world by making our world equal to eveyone. We are looking out for solution to end poverty by helping people all over the world through the power of mutual giving.

HOC is not a bank., HOC does not collect your money. HOC is not HYIP,investment or MLM program. HOC is not an online business.HandsOfCrowd is a community where ordinary people help each other.It is committed to serve humanity.The system completely belongs to the people. WE ARE THE SYSTEM.


Please see below Video tutorials to learn how to use the site and for more information about HandsOfCrowd.com

What is Bitcoin?

Members are encouraged to use Blockchain to make bitcoin payments and confirm with a Hash.

How does bitcoin Work?

Members are encouraged to Get Help using the same bitcoin for quick payment and confirmations.

Be a Part of the Community

This is your community, we will grow and help change every participants life.

Provide Help (PH)

Help member of the community by provide help. You help now and later somebody will help you!

Get Help (GH)

We have a great community of helpful people. When we need help, we can always ask for it!

Referral Bonuses

Hard-working members get to earn 10% direct referral Bonuses & Manager Bonus 10%.